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Ann and Nancy Wilson forever changed the rock n’ roll landscape in 1975 with hard hitting guitars and soaring vocals. That power and passion continues with Heartless, the Premier Tribute to Heart. Heartless takes you back to the first time you heard ”Magic Man” on the radio and you couldn't wait to hear it again! Heartless gives you the thrill of falling in love with the music of Heart all over again. Every Heartless concert is packed with the songs fans love and delivered in an amazingly authentic musical journey from the very beginning of four decades of Heart and beyond!

Heartless weaves the song and story of Heart into each performance, finding fans swaying to “What About Love”, or screaming “Barracuda” while “closing their eyes and being at a Heart concert”! Truly a testament to the six talented and versatile musicians that deliver the sound, spirit, and all live energy of the original band, Heart. New and existing fans are experiencing the power and intensity of Heart songs as never before with Heartless – the Premier Tribute to Heart.

If you love the music of Heart, book Heartless now! You won't believe how we deliver the sound and the spirit of the original band. We promise to take you back to a time when Dreamboat Annie would sail you away on diamond waves and Little Queen would dance and sing and keep you rocking!!

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